A handful of thoughts
You're going to laugh at me now, I guess. But I've just realized what I thought I'd known all my life. The tragedy is not that "everybody knows what's the best". The tragedy is that the majority (the active majority, not the silent one, alas) knows "what's the best for everyone at all times".
The tragedy is not about believing or not believing in homeopathy.

Not that a cancer diagnosis must or by no means should be announced to the patient or their relatives. Not that eating after 8 pm will make you feel terrible or amazing.
Not that it's healthy or dangerous to drink two liters of water per day.
The tragedy is that people who claim any of that are trying to apply these ideas to absolutely everyone. While they're not applicable to everyone… there will always be at least one person for whom this "right for everyone" will be just deadly.

Yes, homeopathy might be a trifle and a waste of money, a dangerous delusion and a risk to die without proper treatment for millions of people.
But for other hundreds of thousands homeopathy is a salvation. A true salvation, that's it. Nothing helps them, while homeopathy is the only thing that does.

"Just remember this for now, you'll believe later" ©.

...Or won't believe, but that doesn't matter. Because it's just not for you. It's not going to help you.
And you - the one who got cured with the help of it - fuck off of those who don't believe. They're right in their non-believing. For them it won't be of any help, just because they're organized in a different way.
I can't explain it, but if you're interested, Human Design has a very clear explanation as to why that is so. Feel free to Google (you don't even have to get a reading for that) about the Spleen center.
Same with everything else. Some need to know the truth to survive. While some have to stay unaware for exactly the same reason.

So why the hell are you trying to persuade all those who have a different opinion, shoving your precious experience down their throat? It's YOUR experience, and it won't be of help to someone else, if they've got their own.

Yes, you may know dozens and hundreds of people that have been saved due to knowing/not knowing something. But there are others, who have a contrary experience.
Why can't you just live happily with the experience you've got? Why do you keep trying to force-change someone's mind about anything? Just let them live with their own experience. And also, let them die their own way for that matter.

...no, I don't need no explanations why… I've got my own answer - I also used to be the one who tries to explain, prove, save and make everyone happy. I remember it very well, it hasn't been too long ago.
It would be so nice if we could just fuck off of others at least with all that free counceling of ours. Because others are others. They're different.

There are those for whom eating at nights is just perfect. Or those who heal from cancer with the help of fasting. And it does happen so sometimes that not knowing the truth is indeed a life saver. And also many other things happen.

There's just one thing I know that really applies to everyone: we all will die.
...and even with that they claim that one of our guys once managed to rise again.
Drawing by Evgenia Dvoskina