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Translated by Olga Tsiashkevich
Natasha Kachura
(Interview by Sabina Brilo)
Many have heard about her and some know her in person.
What this young lady does, and what I have been subconsciously dreaming about all my life, is making people beautiful. Not by means of multicolored manicure or hair extension, eyes painting or booty shrinking - but quite vice versa. Natasha grabs a person (should the person agree to be grabbed) and washes them thoroughly. And dries them. And shakes them up. And the person comes out fresh and unexpected even to themselves.

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Things that I do most often
There was one question recently in my Anti-stylist group that got me really mad. So I want to give you a quick list of things that I do most often… You know, everytime I do it, I think: it is very likely that some of those who have been following me for quite some time will definitely comment something like "Well, but of course, Kachura always does it to everyone".

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"I have nothing to wear, I need to go shopping, but what to buy..?"
Maybe this note will be of help to someone who needs to get things straight in their head in a situation like "I have nothing to wear, I need to go shopping, but what exactly should I buy…?"

If there's no positive understanding of what you should buy, you can at least clearly define what is a no-no, even if you like it very much.

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For those confused #aboutoncology
"How to avoid looking pathetic while undergoing treatment?"(с)

I have been contemplating people for the past 10 years. Both online and offline. Any and all of them. And I can't stop thinking about all of that, sometimes even in my sleep.

Such (as I say "guardless") look is common not only for those undergoing medical treatment, but also for anyone who is feeling lost and perplexed, even if feeling well and healthy.

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A handful of thoughts
You're going to laugh at me now, I guess. But I've just realized what I thought I'd known all my life. The tragedy is not that "everybody knows what's the best". The tragedy is that the majority (the active majority, not the silent one, alas) knows "what's the best for everyone at all times".

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Drawings by Evgenia Dvoskina