Things that I do most often
There was one question recently in my Anti-stylist group that got me really mad. So I want to give you a quick list of things that I do most often… You know, everytime I do it, I think: it is very likely that some of those who have been following me for quite some time will definitely comment something like "Well, but of course, Kachura always does it to everyone".
What I do most often and what leads to a result when it suddenly turns out that a person is actually slender and beautiful, and young, and interesting, even if before they appeared, say, too fat or too old, or whatever else people may have been thinking about them.

Almost every time the first thing that I have to do is uncover the neck. Hiding the neck is just what for some reason we've been taught to do - I even remember someone giving me advice for my face type (and my face is square and broad, if I lose weight the angles of my jaw start to stick out, if I gain weight then it kind of blurs into something inarticulate, plus I have a short and broad neck). So, what do you think was recommended to me? It was recommended that I wear a haircut with streaks on the sides of my face. Well, you can imagine what it would have looked like. Luckily enough, I never managed to grow my hair to the length required to follow this piece of advice.

I mean, this is what they teach, it's the way to go for nearly all stylists, the fashion industry and all that - hide whatever you don't like. But my personal way is that of a bitch who likes to go against the grain, and I've decided to apply it here as well. This "...dumb penguin shyly hiding his fat body in the crevice… While the smart one bravely gets it out" - that's what my work is about. Get your neck out. Reveal it to the maximum, even if you have that widow's hunch. I vividly remember my own desperate attempts to hide it, and that was just too much effort.

I keep saying over and over again that any attempts to hide or cover something up may have quite an adverse effect, psychologically speaking. Moreover, once you stop hiding what you think is your flaw, it surprisingly starts to disappear. I have no explanation as to how it's happening, but it's happening. Even the widow's hunches are starting to dissolve - even if you make no effort to help them go. But if you are making an effort, they are disappearing at an unbelievable pace.

So I uncover the neck. That means I take off the scarves wound around it, because they make one appear even more ruffled up and massive. I mean, you can't fuck anyone over. It is always obvious why you have that scarf around your neck. And everybody perfectly understands why you're trying to hide your face behind your hair. It doesn't help. In fact, it only makes it worse and gives out a signal to the world saying "I know I have this flaw, I'm trying to hide it and I'm scared as shit that someone might find out about it". The moment you stop doing that, the others around you just stop giving a damn.

Apart from that, you may notice… well, take a look at my photos, I'm not going to prove anything, but it's very clear on the photos - as soon as you take the hair away from a person's face, neck and back, in probably 9 cases out of 10 this person starts looking lighter, more slender and sometimes even younger. So I'm all for the bare neck. That is to say, if you have a feeling that with years the work of gravity has started taking its toll on you, lift everything back up again. The surest way to go is, of course, the hairdo. Move your hair away from your face, up and backwards.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. That's why I don't write any tips - because everytime I say a thing it gets heard by someone who absolutely doesn't need it. So give it a shot. Don't just do it once and forever, but try and see - maybe you will like it, maybe this idea just has never crossed your mind.

One of my latest works with the hashtag #простотак (#fornoreason): there are two mature women in a photo from a street rally in Minsk. One of them is wearing a hat, so I've made this hat a little taller and harder, made the shape more graphical, and the other one had her hair done in a bun that was sort of dropping towards the neck, so I've erased the bun and gave her a short haircut, mussed the hair backward and up so that most of the volume is around the nape, which suits those who have this kind of beautiful egg-shaped head. And I've also turned the ridiculous jacket she was wearing into an overcoat - and that made her look really incredible.

So, reveal the neck, lift the hair up and create a clear shoulder line - that's an almost universal tip, except for… well, it's hard to describe except for who, but you know, there are people, like some extremely gentle women with sloping, round shoulders - they definitely shouldn't go for it. But as for the majority, what makes them look worse, especially with age, is the weak shoulder line, those withering, faded shoulders, yes, bearing all we have gone through, our hardships, losses and excessive kilos. For such people the tip is: lift those shoulders up.

Don't be afraid of shoulder pads. A shoulder pad is not some kind of a fashion hype, it's like… I don't even know what to compare it to. Well, like a bra. You just help your body regain the shape it had initially but kind of lost with years. Just don't buy those ready-made thick ones. Better go to a specialized store where they sell pins and buttons and buy the shoulder pads they sell to tailors - they are very thin, it's just foam, and then cut out… Oh, well… If there are tailors here who can explain in the comments what exactly I want you to cut out that would be great. I mean, cut out small shoulder pads that would not broaden your shoulders or make them look bigger, but would just lift the fabric of your garment a bit around the spot where your shoulder starts dropping, that's it.

So, what do we have: we have a clear shoulder line - neither cocked, nor broadened, just clear, then we have the bare neck and the hair done up and backward. Also I often make the pants longer, and either shorten or lengthen the jacket or the coat. Wearing knee length is the privilege of the tall, young, slender and very proportionate people, and there are not so many. I personally have never managed to find anything of that length that would look good on me. It is a very classical length and for a reason: it looks good on classical types. So you have to be a classical type both physiologically and aesthetically. And if you're not one in your soul and lifestyle, all these knee-length skirts will only make a ridiculous and heartbreakingly pathetic look.

What else do I do? I get rid of the hair part in the middle.

But I guess that's enough for now.
Drawing by Evgenia Dvoskina